Kerrigan Hyde

Average height for a half elf at 5'7 with a build that belies the acrobatic nature of his work. He has short trimmed blonde hair, gray-green eyes and lean features with a fair complexation.


Hyde is the bastard son of low Lord of the great city of Karrefry. He was raised an orphan on the streets far from the high rise buildings where his father’s shame may have come to light. He was taken as a small boy for a lock smiths apprentice but eventually tired of the life and left his employ and Karrefry just before manhood.

Hyde wandered with no real purpose skirting starvation and other less savory ends until he found his way to the circus. His act is varied as the Harlequin is happy to share the spot light with any of his new family members. Especially if the act in question is “cutting edge” or more importantly likely to bring in more money.

Kerrigan Hyde

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