Madame Charlotte

The Ring Master


Madame Charolette stands about 6’ with a very voluptuos figure. Her long, curly chocolate brown hair is never up (resulting in a rather tousled look) and is always seen wearing a top hat with a large feather matching the color of the day. Her eyes are dark brown, borderlining on black, a fact emphazised by her fair skin and artfully applied make-up (and not worn anywhere else). She usually wearing a corset (though at times she’ll appear in something else just as revealing, if not more so) matching the color of the day. Her lower-half usually varies, but whatever worn is always very conforming or revealing.


The current owner and ringmaster of Circus Extraordinaire. Still rather young with a very forceful personality, few who meet her can withstand the smile. Her whole staff adore her, even if they don’t always agree with her decisions. Nothing in the world matters more to her than this Circus and those that dwell within.

Madame Charlotte

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