Seebo, Betin, Dagrel, and Fosir Sovirasta

The Maintence Guys


Seebo – the obvious oldest. His hair has long since lost color and grow in wispy tufts about his head. His eyes, oddly enough, are green instead of the usual blue.

Betin – the next in line. His hair is a very light shade of brown and has one blue eye, one green eye.

Dagrel – the middle-aged one. His hair is ash blonde with his eyes being a very intense shade of blue.

Fosir – the youngest. His hair is a darker brown with soft pale blue eyes.

All four are only a little over 3 ft and are slimmer than most gnomes would be. Seebo and Fosir are usually garbed in robes while Betin and Dagrel usually where gear similar to cover alls.


These four are brother, sons, uncles, cousins. Hard to tell now. With the Gnomish homelands of Murgitig in constant turmoil with endless civil war to whose right are whose and whose tunnels can go where, the whole of the family Sovirasta left home and eventually settled down in the town where Alberto Cortez would be born. The family kept mostly to itself for the area was very superstisous when it came to magic and many of the family members where indeed wizards. After a few decades, they family became well accepted and part of the town itself. It was no surprise when Alberto announced his decsion to build the circus that the family jumped at the chance and now its part of the family traditions. Seebo is head magician, primarily in charge of keeping the magical equipment up and running and Fosir is his pupil, primarily in charge of the magical wards and protections cast nightly. Betin and Dagrel do the more menial and mechanical tasks are actually amazing smiths.

Seebo, Betin, Dagrel, and Fosir Sovirasta

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