River and Song Breeze

The Acrobats


River and Song are almost identical twin sisters, with River’s hair being more white blonde and Song’s eyes being a much more forest green. They stand 5’0" and are slim of body.


River and Song’s life before the Circus is not a happy one. Both hail from an Elven land far away with a name that they have yet to give. They grew up in a very noble family and nothing went wrong nor did they lack for anything. Until one fateful night, their father and mother where taken away and the two were cast out, stripped of everything right down to their given names. They wandered through towns and forests, looking for a place to call home until fate intervened and they happened upon the path of Mickey Rourke, whom took the ladies to the circus and soon they called it home. Not even a month later, they meet the brothers Adam and Tony, whom refused to leave them be. In time, their persitance won both sisters over and now all are happily wed.

River and Song Breeze

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